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I have not ever checked out all coaches-combined-psychologists around the world, but if there was only one of them to pick - it would be surely Kinga.
Why Kinga? She is the one who
-wants you to be truly self-sufficient when it comes to managing your overall "well-being" in the sense of feeling good and being well
-helps you to learn about overall frameworks, including her own very well refined frameworks, that will help you to achieve feeling good and as a result performing better
-makes sure that you establish repeating, tried and proven habits that are still not some copies of an overall "one-size-fits-all" (seemingly) magical solution but much rather tailored, achieavable steps for specifically you

Also she is skilled in understanding and analysing your soul, with your very specific actual problems.

The only thing I regret is that why I did not meet Kinga 15 years earlier.

Go ahead, make your life better, much better. You will not make a mistake with Kinga.

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Czernecki Peter profile picture

Peter Czernecki

Founder/CEO@10xONE, iAGE

$300M value creation with PE investors

February 5, 2024, Czernecki was Albert’s client

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